Meet Brian

Brian Yusem, Naturopathic Doctor, has owned a nutrition center for over 16 years and a doctor’s office, at another location, concurrently, for over 10 years. Over the last 25 years, he has over 15,000 files of successes. Brian Yusem has been a National Talk Show Host, with over 2,000 shows, as an Investigative Reporter. He lectured and interviewed professionals for all types of healing methods. He worked with people from chronic diseases to toe fungus and everything in between.


“It would be a surprise to see something that would challenge me.” He says. He is a compelling speaker with vast knowledge of body composition to health care. He has been featured on many national radio shows and fields all types of questions on everything from optimum health, new technologies, stem cell therapies to spiritual wellness and relationship secrets. Brian believes that if the body is at homeostasis state – the body is capable of healing itself and does not need any artificial medication for survival. Brian specialized in advanced sports performance technologies.

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It is always my objective to get the biggest result in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of effort.”


From preparing High school students for scholarships both athletic and academic to NCAA, NFL, Olympic and other performance athletes for competition, recovery, injury prevention therapies and rehabilitation. He worked with many swimmers utilizing our protocols in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and several more in the World Championships.


He also specialized in body transformations and has many National and World Champions of Miss Universe Figure, Bathing suit, Fitness, Men’s NPC Champions, Men’s Master’s Champions to major competitors.


Yusem is currently an educator and researcher for fellow physicians nationwide, teaching them the programs and protocols he has had enormous success through and implimented with thousands of clients over the past 20+ years. He is honored to work directly with Dr. Lauren Grace at Sarasota Integrative Health where together they continue to develop advanced medical protocols to treat any disease or disorder.