Meet Dr. Lauren Grace

Lauren earned her bachelor’s degree at Fordham University in New York City, where she graduated with a 4.0 in Set Design.  After working in the theater and arts for years, she decided to go in a completely different direction and pursue a career in the health field.


She went on to earn her second bachelor’s degree in professional health sciences, and her master’s degree in oriental medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine.  Lauren graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0, and was awarded the Traditional Chinese Medicine Spirit award.


Driven by her thirst for knowledge, Lauren continued to study Naturopathic Medicine to learn the latest in diagnostic testing and functional medicine. Today, she runs an integrative medicine practice, combining the ancient healing principles of Chinese Medicine with the latest in medical science discoveries.  Lauren also educates and certifies other practitioners and health coaches on the principles of functional medicine and advanced diagnostic testing.


Lauren Grace continues to specialize in anti-aging medicine with her Mesotherapy treatment, which is an all-natural alternative to botox.  As an acupuncturist, Lauren also specializes in emotional treatments, such as depression and anxiety.


She has developed her own emotional healing protocols and is known for her Chakrapuncture™ treatments.  Lauren Grace is also a life coach, and often integrates her coaching into her other therapies for her patients.


Lauren Grace is currently co-authoring and publishing a number of health related books. She frequently lectures locally in Sarasota and New York City. Lauren Grace is also a frequent featured guest on the upcoming national tv show Body Soul and Spirit on ABC.

Wellness philosophy

Lauren believes that optimal health is achievable for everyone, but the path to get there is a very individual process.  We all come from different backgrounds, with different lifestyles and preferences.  Lauren’s philosophy is that there is no one-size-fits-all diet or treatment plan.  What works for one person, isn’t necessarily right for another.  Taking the time to fully understand each patient’s specific needs, history, emotional health, environment, and lifestyle is a priority for Lauren.


One of her foundational beliefs is that our emotions play a huge role in the state of our health.  Addressing one’s emotional state is just as important as their physical health.  Emotions such as anger, resentment, grief, and worry affect not only our nervous system, but other organs as well.  The perfect diet can only do so much if one is still suffering with toxic emotions.  This is why Lauren prioritizes understanding her patients’ emotional needs and includes life-coaching principles in her treatment plans.


By addressing the whole person, Lauren feels that there is nothing that can’t be  treated.  Given the proper support and a willingness to commit to a new lifestyle, optimal health is not only probable, it’s inevitable.

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