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Is Fasting Healthy for You?

Is fasting healthy for you? Fasting is a type of therapy that has been around since the beginning of time either for religious purposes or for [...]

How to Boost Your Immune System

Follow these fundamental tips and create a healthy immune system without taking a bunch of supplements. It’s a lot simpler than you think. [...]

Coffee: The Good and The Bad

We love coffee and we know there are many coffee lovers out there. Coffee is well known for giving you that boost in the morning and something to [...]

Food Cravings and Addictions

Food addictions and food cravings are not just made up ideas, they are very real. We have bacteria that live in our gut that send signals to our [...]

Living in a Toxic World

In this talk we’ll give you an overview of some of the toxins that we’re experiencing in our environment on a regular basis. We all [...]

Thyroid Health

How do you know if you have an issue with your thyroid? Most people are going to turn to a blood test. Unfortunately even when you test within [...]

5 Tips to Reduce Bloating

We know a lot of you out there suffer from feeling bloated after you eat, or maybe you feel like you’re bloated all the time. In this video [...]

Creating Healthy Habits

The New Year is upon is and a big question we’re getting is how to create healthier habits! When you’re looking at creating a whole [...]

Healing Digestive Disorders

In this video we teach you how to heal your digestive disorders for good! If you are like most people out there you probably have something wrong [...]

How to Recover from Vacation

How do you recover when you get back from a vacation? In this video we talk about how to return to your health routine. Our first tip is to give [...]

How to Cure a Cold

When we start to go from summer to fall or any change in season, it can throw off our immune system and we’re more likely to catch a cold. [...]

How Stress Affects Your Body

Here at Sarasota Integrative Health we implement programs to help transform your overall health. However, we see patients who despite following [...]

The Best Exercise for Your Body

Want to know what the best exercise is for your body? The quick answer: exercise that you will actually do! Whether you enjoy going out for a jog [...]

Emotional While Detoxing

Anyone who has ever done a cleanse knows how real the emotional struggle can be during this time. There are many reasons why you can become [...]

The New Fad: Probiotics

Probiotics are the new hype these days! And while they’re a vital factor in gut health, there is a lot more to the story. Supplement [...]

Adrenal Fatigue Talk (FULL)

Ah, good ol’ adrenal fatigue. We’ve heard it over and over but how much do we truly understand? The adrenal glands are overworked, to [...]

The Gut Brain Connection

Haven’t heard about the amazing connection between your gut and your brain?! Your intestinal lining actual has hundreds of receptor sites [...]

Is Alcohol Bad For You?

The ultimate question! Between red wine and coffee there’s quite a bit of controversy on the internet in terms of benefits vs damage. I [...]

Overcome Insomnia

Let’s be honest. It’s 2016 and everyday stress combined with constant use of computers, phones, and other devices – its not [...]

How Often Should You Detox?

Friends and family often joke that I am always detoxing. And in a way they’re right. We live in a toxic world and I have certain cleansing [...]

Are you all in?

Change is never easy, but it is the one constant in life. You can either decide to change, or life will force you to. We have all had that rock [...]

What’s Going Right?

Our brains are wired for fear. In any situation or circumstance your brain is on the look out for danger. It is automatically scanning for [...]

It’s Not All in Your Mind

In this day and age there are an endless amount of self help books, videos, programs, coaches, and speakers that teach techiniques on how to keep [...]

Never Say Never

A few months ago I was lectured on the dangers of drinking coffee. Now I know that coffee is full of acids and is damaging to your system…..but [...]

Slow down before you hurt yourself

Our bodies are always communicating with us. And if we are self aware enough and open, we might just get the message. The month of June has been [...]

Spiritual Toolbox

I have a confession to make. For the past few weeks I stopped meditating in the morning. I also stopped journaling and writing my gratitude list [...]