Autism & ADHD

As of 2015, it is estimated that 1 out of 45 children have a form of Autism.  On top of that, ADHD is now the most commonly diagnosed condition for children today.  Why are we seeing such a drastic rise in these conditions?


There have been many different theories as to why.  Many want to blame vaccines exclusively, but they are missing the big picture.  It’s not one thing that is the sole cause, rather it is an accumulation of many different factors.

In 2009, the Environmental Working Group did a study on the toxic loads of newborn babies.  Shockingly, on average, these babies were born with over 200 toxic compounds already in their system!  This means that children today start life with a heavy toxic load to begin with.  Then they are exposed to more toxins in our water and our food.  If they are vaccinated, their system is bombarded with even more harsh elements.  For some children, this toxic load is simply too much for their little bodies to detox.  This is when we see conditions such as Autism and ADHD crop up over night.


In order to treat these conditions, it’s important to understand that toxic compounds, such as chemicals and heavy metals, mostly affect the nervous system and the brain.  Detoxifying the body is the only way to remove these harsh elements.  That process is different for every child, but can be done safely and effectively.  Once these toxic compounds have been properly detoxed, the nervous system and brain can reset and function like they’re supposed to.


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