Depression & Anxiety

While it is normal to experience bouts of depression and anxiety in life, it is not normal to wake up with it every day.  More and more people are quickly turning to medication, without realizing that there are so many underlying physical causes to depression and anxiety.  When you address these physical imbalances, the depression and anxiety will go away naturally without medication.


Our brain and nervous system regulate our thoughts and moods.  This is a delicate system that is highly susceptible to toxins and inflammation.  Heavy metal and chemical toxicity is on the rise.  Our liver can’t keep up with detoxing all these toxins, so they tend to accumulate in our bodies, creating a toxic load that damages our nervous system and affects our brain. Depression and anxiety are often the results of this damage.

Your gut also plays a role in how you think and feel.  The gut is lined with neurotransmitters that link directly to your brain.  If your digestive tract is under distress due to inflammation, your neurotransmitter signaling will be affected and you won’t release the proper amount of serotonin or dopamine to regulate your mood. An upset stomach can actually cause upsetting thoughts.


Our adrenal glands are responsible for regulating stress in the body, as well as sponsoring the release of our hormones.  When you are under a great deal of stress, the adrenals can become depressed and throw off your mood.  Not to mention, your hormones will become imbalanced at this point as well. Depleted hormones will leave you depressed, anxious, and with no juice for life.


Depression and anxiety does not mean that you are damaged, it means that your body is sick.  A body full of toxins, with an inflamed digestive tract, and depleted adrenals will affect the thoughts you think and how you feel.  Taking medication does not serve to fix the underlying problem, only masking some symptoms.  The key to a happy mind starts with detoxing the body from toxins, healing the gut, and rebuilding the adrenals.  All of these factors work together to keep your thoughts positive and your mood calm.


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