Hormones have been a hot topic in the world of anti-aging, but very few people really understand the critical role hormones play in one’s health.


Hormones are essentially chemical messengers that travel through every system in the body to perform multiple different functions.  They play a role in maintaining blood sugar, regulating sex hormones, influence your mood, control your sleep cycle, set the pace of your metabolism, as well as dictate how quickly or slowly you age.  This is a delicate communication system that can easily be thrown off by inflammation, toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and stress.  When your hormones are not working properly nearly every system in the body is affected, from the health of your heart to the turgor of your skin.

Balancing hormones is not as simple as taking hormone replacement therapy.  When this system is out of balance, it is important to understand what’s causing this imbalance before you substitute with HRT.  Discovering the breakdown in communication is key if you want to fix the problem and not just mask it.  Keep in mind that, whatever is throwing off your hormones, is damaging other systems in your body as well.


The first step to balancing your hormones is to identify and correct the factors that are disrupting them in the first place.  This could be an inflamed gut, a heavy toxic load, poor diet, as well as stress.  Once the underlying cause is addressed, then it is important to get the proper testing for your hormones.  Blood is an extremely inaccurate marker for hormones.  A saliva panel is best for proper measurement.  If HRT is a consideration at this point, the right test is very important so that you aren’t overdosed.  Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and when it comes to hormones, more is not necessarily better.


Hormones can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.  Every system in your body will benefit from balanced hormones.  Finding the proper balance for your body is a process, but can produce unbelievable results.


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