Egg Salad Makeover


Egg Salad Makeover
Egg salad was my favorite school lunch growing up. My dad always made me a variety of sandwiches, but egg salad was by far the best. Since this is the week after Easter I am left with a lot of colorful hardboiled eggs to use up. So I decided to indulge in a childhood favorite but add a healthy twist to it. Below you'll find that this isn't your traditional egg salad, but it taste just as good, promise! I like to substitute with a mayo alternative such as Nayonaise which isn't as processed as mayo, contains healthier ingredients, and is about ⅓ of the calories. I also added some extras such as cucumbers and broccoli sprouts to make it a little extra healthy. The amount of the ingredients will vary depending on how many eggs you are using. Just eyeball and it taste test as you go, don't worry, it's pretty hard to mess up egg salad.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Mayo alternative such as Nayonaise
  • tsp of Curry powder
  • pinch of cayenne pepper (just a pinch, really!)
  • Lemon juice to taste (about 1 tbsp)
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli Sprouts
  • Pita of choice
  1. Chop or slice eggs in an egg slicer and place in a mixing bowl
  2. Add desired amount of Mayo, Curry, Cayenne, and lemon.
  3. Spread out on a Pita with cucumber slices and sprouts.
I'm a big fan of eggs personally, but they can cause food allergies with some people. So obviously if eggs bother you, don't eat this sandwich. Now in the past eggs were given a bad rep for being high and cholesterol. But like most diet trends from the 80's they were wrong. Today we know that eggs actually don't raise your bodies cholesterol, instead they actually assist in promoting heart health and weight loss. And don't you dare throw away the yolks, that's where all the B Vitamins are! It makes me sad to see the yolk, which is really the most nutritious part of the egg, get tossed aside. In Chinese medicine you need to eat the whole egg to get the proper balance of yin and yang. So eat the whole thing and know that you are actually doing something really good for your body.

The pinch of Cayenne is added not just to give the sandwich a little kick, it actually has tons of health benefits. Cayenne pepper improves circulation and blood flow in the body. It supports every aspect of digestion, and helps support the bodies detox system. Cayenne pepper is also an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and has anti-bacterial properties. Yup it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Curry powder is also known for its powerful healing properties. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain any where in the body. Curry is also used to reduce digestion upsets such as heartburn, bloating, and gas. It can lower cholesterol and has also been shown to help prevent Alzheimer's disease. And not to mention that it has anti-cancer properties.

Cucumbers compliment this sandwich so well. They also happen to be one of the most alkalizing foods you can eat, and the most hydrating. Cucumbers have a high silica content making it great for the skin, which is why they are often used in facials and lotions. Because of its cooling nature it acts as an anti-inflammatory both externally and internally. In fact Cucumbers can treat everything from a bad sunburn to a stomach ulcer. In Chinese medicine it is used to treat excess heat in the body and is especially useful in cooling you off during the summer months.

If you haven't tried Broccoli sprouts before get them and add them to everything! They contain 10 times more nutrition then broccoli alone. I started using them to help treat H. Pylori which is bacteria overgrowth in the gut that can lead to ulcers. I was so impressed how just a small amount of broccoli sprouts added to my food took away my digestive discomfort. Besides that they are known to be one of the most potent cancer fighters out there!.