Figalicous Salad


Figalicous Salad
Salad is pretty much my go to meal. I have one almost every night. I love how versatile salads are, you can come up with a million different variations. This is my latest creation. Figs and Goat Cheese, two indulgent foods that compliment each other so well. Dried Figs provide the perfect amount of sweetness and I love their chewy texture. And I find that just a little Goat Cheese can make anything taste more decadent. I've also added in your usual healthy salad array of Cucumber, Avocado, and Walnuts. I opted to switch out your typical onion for Fennel. The liquorish flavor that the Fennel provides goes together nicely with the Figs. The dressing is a great basic recipe that you can use to create different flavored salad dressing. I used Fig preserves for this salad, but you can use any flavored preserves you want to switch it up. Note this salad can be prepared for one person or for a large family. Simply use the desired amount of ingredients appropriate for your serving size. The measurements for the salad dressing makes about ¾ of a Carafe full. Feel free to adjust the dressing by taste. Add more Vinegar if you want a stronger flavor, use more water if you want to lighten it up, add more fig preserve if you want a sweeter taste, etc.. Play around with it, just make sure to give it a good shake before serving cause the olive oil will always want to separate.
  • Arugula or Greens of choice
  • Cucumber sliced
  • Avocado sliced
  • Dried Turkish Figs chopped
  • 1 Fennel bulb chopped
  • Goat Cheese (Organic is best)
  • Walnuts
  • 3 tbsp Fig Preserves
  • ½ cup of Olive Oil
  • ½ cup of Water
  • 1tsp of Balsamic Vinegar
  • ¼ cup of Red Wine Vinegar
  1. Put together desired amount of salad with Cucumber, Avocado, Figs, Fennel, Goat Cheese, and Walnuts
  2. In a separate bowl mix together Fig preserves, Olive Oil, Water, Balsamic Vinegar, and Red Wine Vinegar
  3. Dressing can be stored in a Carafe or Mason Jar
Salads are a great way to get tons of nutrients into one meal. In this salad there are so many awesome benefits.

Arugula is packed full of Vitamin A and provides a nice dose of Calcium as well. Cucumber is one of the most Alkalizing and Hydrating vegetables out there. Fennel aids in digestion and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. And both Avocados and Walnuts provide you with all your healthy fats.

Figs happen to be an awesome source of Fiber (5g per 3 figs). Because of their high source of Fiber they are recommended for Diabetic patients and aid in weight loss. They also help to keep your colon healthy and cancer free. Figs provide a nice dose of Calcium, Potassium,and Iron as well. In Chinese Medicine they are considered to be very alkalizing and can even aid in detoxifying the body.

Now Goat Cheese differs greatly from your typical dairy Cow cheese. For one Goat Cheese has a different molecular structure making it much easier to digest. In fact in Chinese Medicine it actually aids in digestion and is considered to be very nourishing for the body. Now with that said I have one rule when it comes to dairy; Buy Organic! This is important for so many reasons (I will go on an Organic rant in another blog), but mainly understand that you don't want to be adding any extra hormones or antibiotics into your food. Organic Goat Cheese is about $1.50 more then conventional, and well worth the splurge!

Enjoy this fresh, healthy, and decedent salad!