Never Say Never

A few months ago I was lectured on the dangers of drinking coffee. Now I know that coffee is full of acids and is damaging to your system…..but it also makes me really happy in the morning! I adamantly explained to my friend who was lecturing me that I have a really healthy lifestyle and that coffee is my one vice, so I’m never going to give it

One month later I stopped drinking coffee and have been coffee free now for 3 months.

So what changed? My belief more then anything. I had a belief that I can’t go without my cup of coffee in the morning. And it wasn’t just about the caffeine boost. For me it was more of the ritual. The smell of the coffee, the taste, the few moments it gave me to relax and enjoy my breakfast. I felt like my morning would be ruined without it.

I decided to challenge that belief. You see I also had a goal of becoming the healthiest I can be this year. In order for me to help others with their health, I knew I had to really get mine in check. There were going to be changes that I was going to have to make. And I knew that coffee was one of them.

So I gave it up. Just like that. I didn’t ween myself off, I just stopped. My whole morning routine changed, and surprisingly it didn’t bother me one bit. I gave up my coffee and oatmeal for a protein smoothie. But it didn’t feel like a sacrifice, it just felt different. My mornings are still just as good, and I am feeling even better.

Now this is not a blog on why coffee is bad for you (which it is). But this is about questioning these deep held beliefs that we have held on to. 4 months ago I was 100% certain that I would never give up coffee. And in just 30 days I completely overthrew that belief. This showed me that we can change. We can challenge these deep held beliefs. We can be open to new perspectives and new beliefs.

At our center we offer an intense year long nutrition protocol. This protocol has been used with a 95% success rate to eliminate any disease or disorder. But it takes commitment. And it always amazes me how people can be suffering and have a very poor quality of life and would give anything to feel better. But when you tell them that they have to give up coffee and alcohol for a year, they say they can’t. That can’t is just a limiting belief. And that belief can be changed.

What current beliefs do you have that are holding you back right now? Are there changes that you want to make in your life, but feel like it would be impossible? If so try to really challenge those beliefs. Be open to a new perspective, and a new way of being.

The bottom line is that there is nothing we can’t do if we really want it and are really ready to commit to it. Don’t let your limiting beliefs hold you back in life and keep you stuck in an unhealthy pattern. Take charge of your belief systems and never say never.

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