Lab Testing

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Advanced Lab Testing
Advanced Lab Testing

Why get tested?

Our Center offers state of the art Diagnostic Testing beyond your basic lab panels. Our advanced testing provides us with cancer markers and other signs of chronic illness  years before development. Having this information is crucial for treating and preventing disease.

Lab Read Fees


Lab test setup fee: $25
Any 1 test read: $250


Any 2 test reads: $300
Any 3 test reads: $350
Any 4 test reads: $400

*Must be an established patient or schedule a Health Evaluation Consultation prior to any lab read appointments.

The Panels

At Sarasota Integrative Health we offer the following advanced lab testing panels:

Genova Nutreval Panel

$159 Insurance Rate

Provides detailed insight and a better understanding of patients’ nutritional deficiencies. By combining testing in 5 key areas of core nutrients, physicians are offered a depth of insight into a patient’s overall nutritional status unrivaled in the laboratory industry.

Advanced Lab Testing

Genova GI Comprehensive

$139 Insurance Rate

By evaluating targeted biomarkers, the GI Comprehensive Stool Profile can reveal hidden conditions that other stool tests may overlook. Balancing gut microbiota is key for improving core gastrointestinal functions, such as digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as metabolic functions.


Diagnostechs Female Hormone Panel

$250 (No Insurance)

Easy-to-collect saliva tests to evaluate levels of various hormones that play a role in female reproductive function. 


Diagnostechs Male Hormone Panel

$120 (No Insurance)

Non-invasive saliva testing to evaluate levels of various hormones involved in male reproductive and sexual function. 


Doctor’s Data Heavy Metal Test

$60 (No Insurance)

Provides information regarding recent and ongoing exposure to potentially toxic metals, especially methylmercury and arsenic, and time-averaged status of specific nutrient elements.

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Genova Rhythm Plus

$154 Insurance Rate

Comprehensive assessment of estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone spanning a full 28 days; hormone balance is key.


Spectracell Cardiometabolic Risk

$45 Insurance Rate ($140 cash)

Offers definitive diagnostic and clinically relevant evaluation to help define risk of atheroscleroticcardiovascular disease. Results of testing allow doctors to know when guidance, educational referral, or treatment is necessary. Key Components.