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Sarasota Integrative Health’s mission is to educate and empower the masses to create healthy fulfilling lives.  Dr. Lauren Grace and Brian Yusem ND speak internationally to groups, organizations, and other practitioners on the latest in health and life tools.  Their breakthrough techniques, entertaining stories, and message of empowerment inspire audiences to make real lasting changes in their life.

Keynote Topics

The 6 Underlying Causes of All Disease

Discover the 6 underlying causes of all disease, and learn how to turn your health around today.


Heavy Metals: The 21st Century Epidemic

Understand the latest health threat of the 21st Century, heavy metals.  Learn how these chemicals are affecting the health of you and your family, and what you need to do to protect yourself.


The Gut Brain Connection

Discover how the health of your gut can affect the thoughts you think, how you feel, and your mood.


How Emotions Create Dis-ease

Understand how the emotions we feel are stored in our body and manifest into disease.  Learn which emotions affect which organs, and how these emotions can be released for good.


Adrenal Fatigue: The Busy Persons Disease

What busy people need to understand about Adrenal Fatigue.  Discover the many roles that your adrenals play in your body, and how your lifestyle is affecting their health.  Leave this lecture with concrete tools to heal and manage your adrenals.


Cleansing for Weight Loss

Discover why weight loss is so much more then just cutting calories.  Learn the secrets to cleansing for permanent weight loss without starving.


Creating Your Spiritual Toolbox

Learn how to navigate the everyday stressors, as well as the big challenges that life throws at you, with ease and grace.


Understanding Hormones and Unlocking the Key to Anti-Aging

Discover the secrets to anti-aging by understanding your hormones.  Learn how to properly evaluate your hormones, as well as how to enhance them naturally.


The Power of Your Thoughts:  How They Heal or Hurt You

Understand how your body responds to every thought you think, and learn how to have a more conscious thought process to heal your body and create the life you want.


Demystifying the Microbiome of the Gut and Heal Digestive Disorders for Good

Learn what the microbiome of the gut is and how it affects the health of your gut and your body.  Discover how you can balance your microbiome and heal a variety of different digestive disorders.


Breaking Through Depression and Anxiety Without Medication

Discover the underlying physical causes to depression and anxiety.  Learn how to resolve these conditions for good, without the use of medication.

The Magic of Gratitude

“It all happened because I was grateful.”

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