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While diet and proper nutrition are an important part of having a healthy lifestyle, it is just as important to address your physical fitness for ultimate health and well-being.  Fitness is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good and strong – having healthy bones and muscles to support you as you age – being able to bend over and pick up something heavy without throwing your back out.  And of course, having a six-pack is a nice benefit as well.  At Sarasota Integrative Health, we believe in having a well-rounded fitness routine involving strength, cardio, flexibility, and most importantly fun!  To make sure our patients are given all the tools they need to become the healthiest versions of themselves, we offer Personal Training and Private Yoga sessions.

Fitness Areas

Personal Training


Mark Tanski is a certified personal trainer specializing in creating customized fitness routines for every client. He focuses on form and safety while still challenging you to push past your limitations. Whether you are doing weights at the gym or working out on the beach, Mark makes sure that your workout is effective and fun!


Pricing for Personal Training


  • 1 Hour Personal Training Session: $90.00
  • Member Discount Rate: $75.00

Candice Yoga



Candice Trinklein is a certified yoga instructor specializing in combining flexibility with strength. She works with everyone from young athletes to clients well into their seventies. Candice is passionate about making yoga doable for anyone. She focuses on proper form, building core strength, and increasing flexibility. If you are looking to enhance both your mind and body, yoga is the perfect workout for you.


Pricing for Yoga


  • 1 Hour Private Yoga Session: $100.00
  • Member Discount Rate: $85.00