Chemical Cleanse



This month long Chemical Cleanse is designed to jump start detoxification, and rid your body of harsh chemicals and their ill effects.


  • Protein and Gut Restore blends for daily smoothies
  • Chemical Cleanse supplements
  • Ultimate Antioxidant
  • Ebook on chemical detoxification with instructions and support
  • Free access to our private Facebook Cleanse Community



  • Lose weight and increase energy
  • Improve brain function such as memory and focus
  • Alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Treat conditions such as Autism and ADHD
  • Improve Thyroid function and increase metabolism
  • Reduce Inflammation and improve immune function


In this phase we focus on detoxing from the most hazardous substances; heavy
metals and chemicals. These toxins can do severe damage to every part of your body. It is not a question of whether you have heavy metal toxicity, thanks to the industrial age we all have it to a certain degree. It’s important to understand that there are no “safe” amounts of heavy metals or chemicals in the body. Even a tiny bit of mercury can do a lot of damage. The good news is you can safely get these chemicals out of your body and dramatically lower your toxic load with this cleanse.


Understand that it is very unlikely that you’ll get out all of your metals in just one month. Which is why with this cleanse we recommend repeating it for at least 3 months or longer depending on your exposure level. Not to worry we have this all clearly laid out in our ebook guide and will coach you through this cleanse step by step. While this phase does take more of a commitment, it can also add years to your life. Healthy and happy years to be more specific. Aren’t you worth it?

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