Gut Restore



  • Add to smoothie for daily dose of nutrients.
  • Increases beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and improves digestive health.
  • Contains 2.5g of L-Glutamine per serving to heal leaky gut and support muscle tissue.
  • Aids in weight loss, reduces appetite, and cravings.
  • Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar metabolism.
  • Contains enzymes to promote proper digestion and absorption.
  • Easily add into smoothie for daily dose of fiber and nutrients.

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We know today that the majority of diseases start with the gut. Which is why it is so important to heal and continue to nourish your gut every day. This is why we created our Gut Restore formula, with ingredients designed to support your digestive tract. Just add a scoop to your daily smoothie in order to promote optimal digestive health.


Rice Bran is an excellent source of dietary fiber, keeping you feeling fuller, longer. Consumption of rice bran has been shown to influence the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microbiome, thereby reducing the amount of pathogenic bacteria and inflammation.


Now fiber by itself will only do so much. This is why we’ve added in other ingredients to address inflammation in the GI tract and heal leaky gut. The addition of Glutamine and GanedenBC30 Probiotic help repair the lining of the intestines and rebalance the microflora in the intestines. This will support not only gut health, but immune health as well.