Slow down before you hurt yourself

tortoise_hareOur bodies are always communicating with us. And if we are self aware enough and open, we might just get the message.

The month of June has been a whirl wind for me. I moved my practice from an 8 by 10 room to a 1500 sq ft office. Took 2 trips to New York City. Worked on creating a new website. Started a cleanse. All while still maintaining an active social life, taking dance lessons, and running 25 miles a week. Needless to say I didn’t sleep much.

I knew that I was operating at warp speed, but I felt like I had no choice. I gave myself a lot of deadlines. I wanted the office fully furnished by the end of the month. And I wanted all the paper work to be done as well. I gave myself the ridiculous task of having a whole new website built in 30 days. And while I love going to New York City, trying to travel while I was moving my practice wasn’t the smartest thing. I really put the pressure on myself and became beyond overwhelmed.

During this time my mind kept going at a million miles a minute, while my body was struggling to keep up. Somehow I ended up injuring my right leg. Dancing? Running? Who knows. It was pretty sore and some days I even had a little limp. But with everything going on I didn’t pay it much mind. But things came to a head when I was in New York. On one of my last days there I had a bunch of appointments and meetings to go to all across town. It involved a lot of walking, and fast. That day I woke up with a pain in my right foot. I wasn’t sure what caused it, all I knew was that every step I took hurt. But that didn’t stop me from racing all around town (limping is more like it). As I was flying home that night exhausted, my foot hurt so much that I thought I must have broken something.

Now my body was clearly talking to me this entire time, but I continued to ignore it until I had no choice. The pain in my right leg was trying to slow me down, but I wouldn’t abide. So the Universe decided to stop me in my tracks literally, and make it practically impossible to walk. That time I got the message. When I finally got home that night after my painful run around day in New York, I realized I had to slow down. My body was literally forcing me to whether I wanted to or not. I had put too much pressure to get everything done in an impossible amount of time. I needed to accept the fact that things are going to take longer then I would prefer, but that’s ok. The office doesn’t need to look picture perfect by the end of the month. The website isn’t going to be done in 30 days. And the less important paperwork can wait. I went to bed that night making an agreement with the Universe that I would slow down and take care of myself. Funny how when I woke up that next day my foot didn’t hurt at all.

Now I’m paying more attention to my body. I’m tuning in to how it feels and letting it guide me as I go about my day. The past two weeks I ended up skipping my early morning yoga class (which I love) just because I knew my body need more sleep. I’ve been spending a little more time going to the movies and relaxing at the beach as a way to slow down and rejuvenate myself. And even as I was writing this blog I stopped to take a little 20 minute power nap.

I believe that there are definitely times where you need to buckle down, push through, and just get shit done. But you can only do that for so long before the stress is going to take a toll on your body and your mind. That pain in my foot was the message I needed, and I heard it loud and clear. Has your body been talking to you? Tune in today and see if you can get the message.

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