Functional Medicine is NOT a “Quick Fix”

Although functional medicine has the ability to drastic change the health and wellness of people’s lives, unfortunately its not a quick fix. And for good reason! Generally fad diets and [...]


Dr. Lauren Grace Featured on TV episode regarding Gluten

It is common to be misguided regarding gluten and even the “gluten-free” industry. Dr. Lauren Grace sees this day in and out with her patients. Proper education when it comes to [...]


The Gut Brain Connection

Haven’t heard about the amazing connection between your gut and your brain?! Your intestinal lining actual has hundreds of receptor sites that directly communicate to your brain. Some are [...]

Pear Smoothie

  Pear Smoothie   I'm not a huge fan of pears in general so I was taken by surprise when my boyfriend put together this smoothie and I loved it! The combination of flavors is delicious, and [...]

Roasted Root Vegetables

  Roasted Root Vegetables   This is so simple, and yet so delicious. Plus it looks pretty. This makes a great fall meal side dish. You can also add these to a salad, or eat as a snack. [...]

Quick Avocado Snack

  Quick Avocado Snack   Having nutritious snacks on hand is so important when you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A good snack will keep your blood sugar stable and keep you from [...]

Golden Beet Salad

  Golden Beet Salad   This newest salad creation was inspired by some beautiful roasted golden beets. To be honest I thought it would be fun to put together a really colorful salad, which is [...]

Cauliflower Curry Dish

  Cauliflower Curry Dish   This dish is a variation on my Steamed Veggie Bowl. This is another super quick, yummy meal. Steam some veggies and throw some curry spiced coconut milk on it! Use [...]

Pumpkin Walnut Bread – GF (Vegan Option)

  Gluten Free Pumpkin Walnut Bread (with Vegan Option)   I use to bake every week, but what I was whipping up definitely wasn't healthy. I only recently started experimenting with some [...]

Sweet and Salty Chickpeas

  Sweet and Salty Chickpeas   Who doesn't love a crunchy sweet and salty snack? And who knew that you kind find that kind of satisfaction with Chickpeas?! This recipe is beyond easy and one [...]